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Hello everyone (:  I hope you’re doing fine.  Smile and be happy yaw.

Firstly, I would like to apologize my team for posting this late. My bad as I am not around in MICET around a week. Heaven-yeah, be in a place we called home is such some-feeling-cannot-be-described. Ececeh :D

Well today, I would like to share this to you. Letter  from a son want to get marry earlier.  Don’t worry; I’m not posting this letter to my parents. YET. Haha. Sooner or later. Tehee :3 *blushing

To my dear father and mother who love me ... 

How are the families in Malaysia? Hopefully should be in good health and get blessings God always. 

Along was not very clear why along want to 

write this letter to mom and dad. It was during this life, right along rarely write letters to my mom and dad. Usually if there is anything else, just phone is always along than to write a letter. But sometimes, too, there are some things along do not be going to talk over the phone and would prefer to discuss it in the form of letters. 

To be short, along really pleased to request from my mom and dad to get married. Maybe mom and dad were surprised when the kind of talk along. Along plan to get marry in less than a year from now. Along want to marry not because of mere desire, but only wish to complete part of the religion. In addition, the marriage will be preserved along rather than doing any sins to God. 

At times, along have a sense of wonder, people now prefer their children to have boyfriend and girlfriend. Then allowed to run two-pair is non-mahram. Things are illegal in the Islamic side. Islam has provided a good solution in this issue of the marriage. 

Along not in a hurry to get married, but along my mom and dad may want to understand the true concept of marriage in Islam. Islam encourages marriage is to reduce the vices in the society such as adultery. God Almighty says: 

"Do not approach adultery ..." (Surah al-Isra 17: 32) 

Zina will not happen between men and women immediately. Zina will occur through some step approaching to adultery as an example of men and women walking alone without a mahram (boyfriend and girlfriend). While engaged, Islam does not allow couples to two-fiancée pair without mahram. Fiancé is not the ticket to make the relationship between men and women. This is a tradition in the Malay community. Islam commands Muslims to get married to legitimize the relationship. 

According to a study conducted at a local university, 80% of students who excel are composed of those who are married. This is because married couples, they feel responsibility should they bear, and they strive to achieve excellence in education. So, those who for reasons that marriage will interfere with learning during the study were not right. 

At the university along, many students 'bercouple' and they can learn as usual. But, what they do is immoral. well, if their parents allow them to marry, and they can learn as usual. This is encouraged in Islam. So what's the difference? That one, to learn, but accompanied by a sin and the other to learn and has been fulfilling a Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad. Now the options in our hands, want to either good or bad thing. 

About the candidates, along do not have it yet. But, God willing, if mom and dad give along for the green light, problems candidates, you should not worry mom and dad (for a period of 6-8 months), the important mom and dad well-prepared .along prefer candidates who choose by my own. But I do not mean mom and dad cannot choose the right candidate to along. 

Ma and dad may be asking how along will provide maintenance to the outward and inward along a wife who married later. As early along said earlier, along not want to marry solely because of lust. In the study along, and possibly also women studying in universities, then along will make the conditions previously agreed to postpone the maintenance of the inner for a specified period. In Sirah Prophet Muhammad, the Prophet married her when she Saiditina 9 years old and married with her reaching the age of 12 years. This means that Allah spiritually fulfilling for her maintenance during which her 12-year-old, 3 years after marriage. If the term we call 'the hang of wedlock. No story is important no matter what his name is Allah has pointed out things like that. But after marriage, the relationship of men and women who once had nothing now limited. If the phone along to him, along get the reward, along  miss him along to the reward, the prize along give to him along get a reward and go out with two-pair is halal. This right is better than they 'couple'. If the couples are not married, they phone each other, mouths and ears are called adultery (sin), a sense of longing in the heart of the heart called adultery (sin), two-pair out again, add another one sin. So, along want to ask mom and dad, mom and dad are willing to allow their children to wallow in sin or in the Sunnah of the beloved Messenger of wedlock. Now the options in our hands ... 

Appropriate maintenance is apparent, as along still studying and even she is still learning, so along with her to discuss this matter to consider. it is required along's responsible as the husband even in small amounts. For example, if later she agreed to accept the RM 50 a month, then along will give for her according to her will. Moreover, for the time being, let mother and father bear to give eat, drink and clothes, although this duty of a husband. But no one, if parents are willing to earn a living while awaiting the time when it is ready to settle down. (Please be clear the distinguished between the meaning of nikah and berkahwin). like, if grandma give shirts as gifts for mom, mom did not accept and will not excuse the obligation to give these clothes only in the husband. Mom will accept as well. If mom enjoying the grandma’s food, mom do not eat because of the reasons we eat should bear the husband. Importantly, the wife must be pleased with what is given by the husband. If mom and dad are still unclear, mom can ask the ustaz about this problem. Don’t worry mom and dad, before along want to marry, along will explain this to prospective wives along. If she approves it, thank God, if not along will hold first. Anything, along emphasize once again, along this marriage is not solely due to lust, but it is to keep all members of the outer and inner is stuck to the valley of sin. 

all along’s cousin marriage in the age of 22 years earlier. Many advantages of this early marriage among the parents along later, along do not worry because the children grow and may already have their own careers. If you marry later, then the parents (at retirement), there are children in degrees along a new future, there is take PMR and SPM, and have a lot of money. At the gold time, still have to work hard because children still in school. In proper time, we should more worship to God. (Did not mean now do not have to worship, death at the hands of God. old also dead, young also dead). Along hope, the child’s along later (if there is a provision) will be able to receive love from grandfather and grandmother before mom and dad left this mortal world. 

And a bigger advantage than it is to subdue our passions and our view of the immoral to God in accordance with the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad as well. In the younger age, all sorts of trials and challenges are awaiting. Along will not want to fall into the abyss of sin, and even more hope for my mom and dad did not want to see her to rebel against God and His Messenger. 

Hopefully mom and dad do not be surprised by the presence of this letter. Along want mom and dad received the letter as an ordinary letter that did not need to be brought up a large family. Maybe along talking about marriage is too early as this 19-year-old (in Islam, along at 20 years). But this is no excuse for not approve of this opinion along. Hopefully mom and dad read the letter in good faith without being influenced by any party. Along did not force mom and dad to agree a hundred percent of what was said along, but if there is truth in fact, what is wrong for us to accept it with a free heart and open mind. 

If you give Abang Azmi and kakak read this, they may do not agree with this to several factors. God willing, if there is any later, along would let explain them. Actually, for a man, he does not need to ask permission if you want to marry, but Islam teaches us to not turn your back on the parents we want to make a decision. Because God is pleased with the pleasure of mom and dad. Compared with women, they must ask permission, because his father should be the guardian of marriage later. 

Akhirul word, pray along here for simplified business in the world and the hereafter. Send greetings to all families in KL. 


So how was that everyone? Wants to get married earlier huh? Think twice, or think thousand because we have just one life and we hope we have just one marriage in our entire life.
Thanks for reading.

Footnote: dear mr. boyfie, when you want to approach me sayang? haha


  1. =)

    nice letter..may b i shud use dis method to tell my ummi hahaha~

  2. it's good to get married at the young age.dreams come true! but many of the couples that married at the young age had problems in their relationship / ladder house (rumah tangga).