Monday, January 31, 2011

..::Some Tips On Beauty Healthy Care....Lets Follow The Sengalness Of Us ^_^::..

       ~BeAuTy & CoNFidEnCe~

    Beauty and confidence are like partners in bed- complementing each other at times and haggling, at others! 

    How many times have you looked in the mirror early in the morning and let the reflection control your mood that day? 

   When you have to perform on stage, address a gathering or make a presentation, what is it that you first think of? I certainly think about the clothes first - just to make sure I don’t make a fool of myself. It’s only natural, that to feel good, you have to look good.

    But looking good is not the be-all and end-all of confidence. Surely there is more to confidence. Remember a transformation outside is only the first step. It will not take you very far unless it is followed by a psychological and emotional one. 

So are you ready to take that first step towards confidence and wow the world?! Go right ahead with us:  weeda,shyda & ucuaja ^^

Here We Are...The Sengalness Of Us....Who is "Us"?

Hello and Assalamualaikum everyone.....glad to be The Sengalness Of Us follower...ngeeeee~

   First of all, let us introduce ourselves...We are from 2BBET..Have you ever heard this 3 gorgeous name :
Saidatul Waheeda,Nur Syahidah & Siti Hajar.....haaaaaaaa....that's us!!! hehehe...^_^

Just a simple name, called us weeda,shyda n ucuaja.. =)

Roughly...This 3 girls are very simple person, easy going plus lots of fun & laugh..

We are ordinary students but with extraordinary efforts to be successful in life!!(InshaAllah)  Chaiyok2!!! hehe

Just for you guys record, this is, indeed, the first time (for ucuaja & shyda) writing a blog. 

 We know we're so like Left A Few Steps Behind Other Persons..But with the helps of sifu Weeda a.k.a Saidatul waheeda....We create lots of fun and enjoyable moment together among us...

Ok...I think that's all for now....Till we meet again in the next post....Have Fun while visit our dodoldurian.Blogspot....Lots of Love from Us : weeda, shyda & ucuaja~