Sunday, February 13, 2011

Hello..hello..hello....Beauty Tips again From Us....^_^

Hello and Assalamualaikum everyone… glade to see all of you in the middle of the night =)
Right now, is already 2.00am...All of my roommates are already in dreams, but I’m not. I can’t sleep even though I feel tired. I don’t know why maybe because I overslept this late evening…=P  

So…this early in the morning, I want to share with all my entire friends about something that girls can’t stand it and sensitive about it…It’s about PIMPLES…hehe… Its not a new phenomenon among my friends when there is  pimples even the smallest one appear in their face…They could worry (including me..heheh) and screams “OMG, there is  pimples in my face…how this…how could can be lost if it is right overnight” =)

"Beauty and Women". This two things cannot be separate anymore nowadays right? Each person or be both men and women want to keep up appearances, to be good looking and tidy. So here I want to share to all of you guys and girls on beauty tips about How To Loss Pimples Naturally… Lets take a look…

 Well, there is no magical treatment that will clear it up in a few minutes, hours, or even a day. However, you can help get rid of acne through various methods in a shorter amount of time then simply hoping it will go away. To get rid of acne, people will try many different things. There are hundreds of different products that really do not help at all, companies are just trying to some money. Many of them can make acne worse because they dry the skin up too much, and it over-compensates with even more oil.

Here are
several factors have been advised which will influence acne including :

1)       Diet,
2)       Menstruation
3)        Sweating
4)       UV radiation
5)       Stress
6)       Occupation.

While virtually all young folks experience acne at least once, it's been let slip that 47% of those in their 20s and 30% of those in their 30s had acne.
Understanding that hormones may have some influence on the root of acne is still being analyzed. If you have heard that dirty skin causes acne, it does not - it is a myth.

* Coconut oil is one of the best, treatments I've found for acne. Some natural home treatments include dabbing on non-gel toothpaste or lemon juice to dry out zits. Never belittle the healing, restorative power of a good night's sleep.

*Rinse your face with warm to hot water and than cleanse your face with a foaming face wash. Than rinse with hot or warm water than use cold water. Hot water causes your pores to open whilst cold water closes your pores. After cleansing, you'll want to use a toner on your face to even out the tones and than use a moisturizer on your face

*If you wear make-up, choose it rigorously; it should be oil free.

*Try relaxation strategies to reduce stress, including meditation and yoga respiring exercises. Acne prone, sensitive skin can get irritated by employing astringents, skin toners, rubbing alcohol, facial masks, make-up and certain hair care products. There are numerous natural acne home treatments; you may you may have to try many to find one that works best for your skin type.

*Drink lots and lots of pure, filtered water each day. Some alternative doctors advocate eating a raw clove of garlic daily for acne; you can chop one up and add it to your daily salad!

*When your liver gets overloaded with toxins it'll send the poisons out thru your skin as well as other organs of elimination. Try to avoid from eating unhealthy food or unhealthy habit such as drink alcohol, smoking and others.

*Eat high-fiber nibbles like raw nuts, raw seeds, fresh fruit, (eg dates, and figs) Concentrating on a diet, of usually fruit and vegetables (ideally raw), and no preprocessed food, should give you an observable improvement in your skin inside thirty days. Eat foods that contain essential fatty acids.

*Get plenty of sunlight on your arms; sunlight triggers the production of Vitamin D3 which is vital to having good skin. Good clear skin is regularly a reflection of a good digestive system.

*Pick two or three cheap home cures or natural remedies and try them out on your skin carefully. And you should be ready to get rid of your acne, zits and blemishes and their symptoms so it doesn't reoccur.

Ok. I think this tips are probably enough for all of you. Hopefully, all of you might get some benefits and ideas on facials =)

Stay Beauty & Healthy with Us … heeeeeeeeeee~ ^_^


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