Friday, February 11, 2011

"Do you think we should give monetary incentives to the KP2 students to motivate them to get better grades?"

In other words, do you think we should give the KP2 students money so that they'll work harder to improve their grades? So what do your think guys?? Is this necessary to give them 3rd chances after all. In student’s life, we should know everything we do in times will give some impacts toward our study although not so many as long as we are students. As a student, we own our lives that determines whether a failure to vote or be successful. But we must remember that the failure and successful of something happen in comes from Allah Al The Mighty. But, He said that success will not come without hard work continues. I reiterated again to my entire friend that He wont give us success if we just sit and doing nothing effort! So which types you are? Think on your own dear. In our opinion those who have gotten KP2 should not give monetary incentives to them  based on several reasons such as all students have given opportunity to borrow money from MARA and PTPTN, they themselves choose to become the failure and because of this mistakes, its will be affected towards our country marketing on graduates.
 The valid reasons are because all students in UniKL have given opportunity to borrow money loan from MARA, for all bumiputra students and PTPTN to other races. They actually had been given trust by that government to strive study seriously with the period agreement. When the student failed two times (KP2), this show that the student not giving high commitment in education. They might be not interested at all towards the study and didn’t show any effort to redeem the failure of the first. They necessarily conscious and learn when fail at first time and increasing effort to pass in semester which in turn.
In addition, students are going lazier than before because they know when they are KP they will still be borne by university. They should not worry to continue failing because even they are failure, they still get credit as the agreement with MARA.only after the third time’s KP they will be withdrawn. Indirectly this not only would be detrimental university but student itself. For me, those student who choose to become failure while they were given Diber opportunity by university and loan management. They themselves who need to change themselves, not other people who change their self.
If the matter implemented, Student that fail would be increased. Money that has spent by government side and university side will be rising because student unable to graduated during the period because they need to extend a year. Government needs many fresh and intelligent graduates with professional skill in their carrier, not the lazier one who not is able to chance them. This will reduces the number of government requirement over a year.
So as the conclusion, we want to give some advises and reminders to us our self (ucuaja,weeda and shyda) and my entire friends which all of us are students who have big responsibility and trust towards our Lord, parents, and communities. Especially we are son or daughter of our parents; they have high expectation on us and want us to be an example to the younger. So as a child, deny is our heart to disappoint our parents have sacrificed much for our success. Think of your self dear. Efforts after the power were put into The Merciful.

That’s all for this topic….till meet again in the next post…..;)

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