Monday, February 21, 2011

with love baby.

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Hello everyone (:  I hope you’re doing fine.  Smile and be happy yaw.

Firstly, I would like to apologize my team for posting this late. My bad as I am not around in MICET around a week. Heaven-yeah, be in a place we called home is such some-feeling-cannot-be-described. Ececeh :D

Well today, I would like to share this to you. Letter  from a son want to get marry earlier.  Don’t worry; I’m not posting this letter to my parents. YET. Haha. Sooner or later. Tehee :3 *blushing

To my dear father and mother who love me ... 

How are the families in Malaysia? Hopefully should be in good health and get blessings God always. 

Along was not very clear why along want to 

write this letter to mom and dad. It was during this life, right along rarely write letters to my mom and dad. Usually if there is anything else, just phone is always along than to write a letter. But sometimes, too, there are some things along do not be going to talk over the phone and would prefer to discuss it in the form of letters. 

To be short, along really pleased to request from my mom and dad to get married. Maybe mom and dad were surprised when the kind of talk along. Along plan to get marry in less than a year from now. Along want to marry not because of mere desire, but only wish to complete part of the religion. In addition, the marriage will be preserved along rather than doing any sins to God. 

At times, along have a sense of wonder, people now prefer their children to have boyfriend and girlfriend. Then allowed to run two-pair is non-mahram. Things are illegal in the Islamic side. Islam has provided a good solution in this issue of the marriage. 

Along not in a hurry to get married, but along my mom and dad may want to understand the true concept of marriage in Islam. Islam encourages marriage is to reduce the vices in the society such as adultery. God Almighty says: 

"Do not approach adultery ..." (Surah al-Isra 17: 32) 

Zina will not happen between men and women immediately. Zina will occur through some step approaching to adultery as an example of men and women walking alone without a mahram (boyfriend and girlfriend). While engaged, Islam does not allow couples to two-fiancĂ©e pair without mahram. FiancĂ© is not the ticket to make the relationship between men and women. This is a tradition in the Malay community. Islam commands Muslims to get married to legitimize the relationship. 

According to a study conducted at a local university, 80% of students who excel are composed of those who are married. This is because married couples, they feel responsibility should they bear, and they strive to achieve excellence in education. So, those who for reasons that marriage will interfere with learning during the study were not right. 

At the university along, many students 'bercouple' and they can learn as usual. But, what they do is immoral. well, if their parents allow them to marry, and they can learn as usual. This is encouraged in Islam. So what's the difference? That one, to learn, but accompanied by a sin and the other to learn and has been fulfilling a Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad. Now the options in our hands, want to either good or bad thing. 

About the candidates, along do not have it yet. But, God willing, if mom and dad give along for the green light, problems candidates, you should not worry mom and dad (for a period of 6-8 months), the important mom and dad well-prepared .along prefer candidates who choose by my own. But I do not mean mom and dad cannot choose the right candidate to along. 

Ma and dad may be asking how along will provide maintenance to the outward and inward along a wife who married later. As early along said earlier, along not want to marry solely because of lust. In the study along, and possibly also women studying in universities, then along will make the conditions previously agreed to postpone the maintenance of the inner for a specified period. In Sirah Prophet Muhammad, the Prophet married her when she Saiditina 9 years old and married with her reaching the age of 12 years. This means that Allah spiritually fulfilling for her maintenance during which her 12-year-old, 3 years after marriage. If the term we call 'the hang of wedlock. No story is important no matter what his name is Allah has pointed out things like that. But after marriage, the relationship of men and women who once had nothing now limited. If the phone along to him, along get the reward, along  miss him along to the reward, the prize along give to him along get a reward and go out with two-pair is halal. This right is better than they 'couple'. If the couples are not married, they phone each other, mouths and ears are called adultery (sin), a sense of longing in the heart of the heart called adultery (sin), two-pair out again, add another one sin. So, along want to ask mom and dad, mom and dad are willing to allow their children to wallow in sin or in the Sunnah of the beloved Messenger of wedlock. Now the options in our hands ... 

Appropriate maintenance is apparent, as along still studying and even she is still learning, so along with her to discuss this matter to consider. it is required along's responsible as the husband even in small amounts. For example, if later she agreed to accept the RM 50 a month, then along will give for her according to her will. Moreover, for the time being, let mother and father bear to give eat, drink and clothes, although this duty of a husband. But no one, if parents are willing to earn a living while awaiting the time when it is ready to settle down. (Please be clear the distinguished between the meaning of nikah and berkahwin). like, if grandma give shirts as gifts for mom, mom did not accept and will not excuse the obligation to give these clothes only in the husband. Mom will accept as well. If mom enjoying the grandma’s food, mom do not eat because of the reasons we eat should bear the husband. Importantly, the wife must be pleased with what is given by the husband. If mom and dad are still unclear, mom can ask the ustaz about this problem. Don’t worry mom and dad, before along want to marry, along will explain this to prospective wives along. If she approves it, thank God, if not along will hold first. Anything, along emphasize once again, along this marriage is not solely due to lust, but it is to keep all members of the outer and inner is stuck to the valley of sin. 

all along’s cousin marriage in the age of 22 years earlier. Many advantages of this early marriage among the parents along later, along do not worry because the children grow and may already have their own careers. If you marry later, then the parents (at retirement), there are children in degrees along a new future, there is take PMR and SPM, and have a lot of money. At the gold time, still have to work hard because children still in school. In proper time, we should more worship to God. (Did not mean now do not have to worship, death at the hands of God. old also dead, young also dead). Along hope, the child’s along later (if there is a provision) will be able to receive love from grandfather and grandmother before mom and dad left this mortal world. 

And a bigger advantage than it is to subdue our passions and our view of the immoral to God in accordance with the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad as well. In the younger age, all sorts of trials and challenges are awaiting. Along will not want to fall into the abyss of sin, and even more hope for my mom and dad did not want to see her to rebel against God and His Messenger. 

Hopefully mom and dad do not be surprised by the presence of this letter. Along want mom and dad received the letter as an ordinary letter that did not need to be brought up a large family. Maybe along talking about marriage is too early as this 19-year-old (in Islam, along at 20 years). But this is no excuse for not approve of this opinion along. Hopefully mom and dad read the letter in good faith without being influenced by any party. Along did not force mom and dad to agree a hundred percent of what was said along, but if there is truth in fact, what is wrong for us to accept it with a free heart and open mind. 

If you give Abang Azmi and kakak read this, they may do not agree with this to several factors. God willing, if there is any later, along would let explain them. Actually, for a man, he does not need to ask permission if you want to marry, but Islam teaches us to not turn your back on the parents we want to make a decision. Because God is pleased with the pleasure of mom and dad. Compared with women, they must ask permission, because his father should be the guardian of marriage later. 

Akhirul word, pray along here for simplified business in the world and the hereafter. Send greetings to all families in KL. 


So how was that everyone? Wants to get married earlier huh? Think twice, or think thousand because we have just one life and we hope we have just one marriage in our entire life.
Thanks for reading.

Footnote: dear mr. boyfie, when you want to approach me sayang? haha

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Hello..hello..hello....Beauty Tips again From Us....^_^

Hello and Assalamualaikum everyone… glade to see all of you in the middle of the night =)
Right now, is already 2.00am...All of my roommates are already in dreams, but I’m not. I can’t sleep even though I feel tired. I don’t know why maybe because I overslept this late evening…=P  

So…this early in the morning, I want to share with all my entire friends about something that girls can’t stand it and sensitive about it…It’s about PIMPLES…hehe… Its not a new phenomenon among my friends when there is  pimples even the smallest one appear in their face…They could worry (including me..heheh) and screams “OMG, there is  pimples in my face…how this…how could can be lost if it is right overnight” =)

"Beauty and Women". This two things cannot be separate anymore nowadays right? Each person or be both men and women want to keep up appearances, to be good looking and tidy. So here I want to share to all of you guys and girls on beauty tips about How To Loss Pimples Naturally… Lets take a look…

 Well, there is no magical treatment that will clear it up in a few minutes, hours, or even a day. However, you can help get rid of acne through various methods in a shorter amount of time then simply hoping it will go away. To get rid of acne, people will try many different things. There are hundreds of different products that really do not help at all, companies are just trying to some money. Many of them can make acne worse because they dry the skin up too much, and it over-compensates with even more oil.

Here are
several factors have been advised which will influence acne including :

1)       Diet,
2)       Menstruation
3)        Sweating
4)       UV radiation
5)       Stress
6)       Occupation.

While virtually all young folks experience acne at least once, it's been let slip that 47% of those in their 20s and 30% of those in their 30s had acne.
Understanding that hormones may have some influence on the root of acne is still being analyzed. If you have heard that dirty skin causes acne, it does not - it is a myth.

* Coconut oil is one of the best, treatments I've found for acne. Some natural home treatments include dabbing on non-gel toothpaste or lemon juice to dry out zits. Never belittle the healing, restorative power of a good night's sleep.

*Rinse your face with warm to hot water and than cleanse your face with a foaming face wash. Than rinse with hot or warm water than use cold water. Hot water causes your pores to open whilst cold water closes your pores. After cleansing, you'll want to use a toner on your face to even out the tones and than use a moisturizer on your face

*If you wear make-up, choose it rigorously; it should be oil free.

*Try relaxation strategies to reduce stress, including meditation and yoga respiring exercises. Acne prone, sensitive skin can get irritated by employing astringents, skin toners, rubbing alcohol, facial masks, make-up and certain hair care products. There are numerous natural acne home treatments; you may you may have to try many to find one that works best for your skin type.

*Drink lots and lots of pure, filtered water each day. Some alternative doctors advocate eating a raw clove of garlic daily for acne; you can chop one up and add it to your daily salad!

*When your liver gets overloaded with toxins it'll send the poisons out thru your skin as well as other organs of elimination. Try to avoid from eating unhealthy food or unhealthy habit such as drink alcohol, smoking and others.

*Eat high-fiber nibbles like raw nuts, raw seeds, fresh fruit, (eg dates, and figs) Concentrating on a diet, of usually fruit and vegetables (ideally raw), and no preprocessed food, should give you an observable improvement in your skin inside thirty days. Eat foods that contain essential fatty acids.

*Get plenty of sunlight on your arms; sunlight triggers the production of Vitamin D3 which is vital to having good skin. Good clear skin is regularly a reflection of a good digestive system.

*Pick two or three cheap home cures or natural remedies and try them out on your skin carefully. And you should be ready to get rid of your acne, zits and blemishes and their symptoms so it doesn't reoccur.

Ok. I think this tips are probably enough for all of you. Hopefully, all of you might get some benefits and ideas on facials =)

Stay Beauty & Healthy with Us … heeeeeeeeeee~ ^_^

A great THANKFUL to The Almighty

why i am not handsome as he is?

Why this is not my house?
why i never eat these types of super delicious foods? 

It’s really normal for us to ask why this and why that, question this and that and all. Not being grateful for who we are or for what we already have. It’s typical right? But at times it’s fair to say that we always compare ourselves to those who are much better than us in terms of looks, moneys, intelligence and etc.

why not for at least once, we compare ourselves to those like the ones in the pictures BELOW and not above okay ^^


At times, I admit that those who can afford to buy RM20k worth of bags, pairs of Jimmy Choo are insanely rich! I came across this one royal family. He has like 25 billion and spend like 1.5 millions per day. Hey dude, do you buy Lamborghini everyday huh?

Take in your breath :8x …………………………………3 2 1 out :O

but its okay,
As for me i have:

1) Super awesome parents who love me dearly
2) 7 concern siblings who at times, annoy me but they are still the apples of my eyes :P
3) 6 favourite super hyper naughty nieces
4) ehem ehemmm :)
5) family, girlfriends, boyfriends, bff, people next door, cats, chickens kur3~
6) it’s an endless list, you know

so there’s always ups and downs in life. In easy words, just enjoy the life.

it’s okay if you are not RICH but GENIUS
it’s okay if you are not GENIUS but GOOD LOOKING
it’s okay if you are not GOOD LOOKING but just be GRATEFUL :)

God is Almighty

But i am not saying that u have or must feel complacent. 
and do nothing to improve yourself, this is a big no no ><
i guess you just have to figure it out by yourself

p/s : if u were asked this question, what will you answer then?

Which one you want to choose, live happily, moderately or hardly?

Perfect is boring, human is beautiful.” -Tyra Banks


Friday, February 11, 2011

"Do you think we should give monetary incentives to the KP2 students to motivate them to get better grades?"

In other words, do you think we should give the KP2 students money so that they'll work harder to improve their grades? So what do your think guys?? Is this necessary to give them 3rd chances after all. In student’s life, we should know everything we do in times will give some impacts toward our study although not so many as long as we are students. As a student, we own our lives that determines whether a failure to vote or be successful. But we must remember that the failure and successful of something happen in comes from Allah Al The Mighty. But, He said that success will not come without hard work continues. I reiterated again to my entire friend that He wont give us success if we just sit and doing nothing effort! So which types you are? Think on your own dear. In our opinion those who have gotten KP2 should not give monetary incentives to them  based on several reasons such as all students have given opportunity to borrow money from MARA and PTPTN, they themselves choose to become the failure and because of this mistakes, its will be affected towards our country marketing on graduates.
 The valid reasons are because all students in UniKL have given opportunity to borrow money loan from MARA, for all bumiputra students and PTPTN to other races. They actually had been given trust by that government to strive study seriously with the period agreement. When the student failed two times (KP2), this show that the student not giving high commitment in education. They might be not interested at all towards the study and didn’t show any effort to redeem the failure of the first. They necessarily conscious and learn when fail at first time and increasing effort to pass in semester which in turn.
In addition, students are going lazier than before because they know when they are KP they will still be borne by university. They should not worry to continue failing because even they are failure, they still get credit as the agreement with MARA.only after the third time’s KP they will be withdrawn. Indirectly this not only would be detrimental university but student itself. For me, those student who choose to become failure while they were given Diber opportunity by university and loan management. They themselves who need to change themselves, not other people who change their self.
If the matter implemented, Student that fail would be increased. Money that has spent by government side and university side will be rising because student unable to graduated during the period because they need to extend a year. Government needs many fresh and intelligent graduates with professional skill in their carrier, not the lazier one who not is able to chance them. This will reduces the number of government requirement over a year.
So as the conclusion, we want to give some advises and reminders to us our self (ucuaja,weeda and shyda) and my entire friends which all of us are students who have big responsibility and trust towards our Lord, parents, and communities. Especially we are son or daughter of our parents; they have high expectation on us and want us to be an example to the younger. So as a child, deny is our heart to disappoint our parents have sacrificed much for our success. Think of your self dear. Efforts after the power were put into The Merciful.

That’s all for this topic….till meet again in the next post…..;)



Hello and Assalamualaikum everyone….We meet again after a week we left the blog…=)
Before I proceeds to the weekly post by Tech Comm topics, I would like to shared to all of you one of my desire since I was teenager. Maybe my desire is not same goes to other peoples and sometimes a few of my friends might say that I’m crazy and abnormal. Hehehehe…..= )

Are you curious right now? Want to know want I’m desire for almost the time…..Let me tell you…psssttttt…. I’m the one who obsess to gain weight! Believe it or not, believe it! =) For almost the time, I’m trying to gain weight. I’ve tried so hard (its is? Hehe) to gain my body weight but its not work for me…

50++kg! woowww....heheh

For your information, I love to eat…really2 love to eat… ^_^  But because of I’m skinny, all my friend usually will not believe that I’m the foods lover.(hahahaha)  I had read in health magazine that if someone love to eat a lot (like me ^^) but still not gain body weight, it might because of they carry high metabolism rate. Have you ever heard about that? It’s a fact…

Metabolism is the amount of energy (calories) our body burns to maintain itself. It is essentially the speed at which our body's motor is running. The speed at which our body burns calories is called the metabolic rate. The metabolism is based on the number of calories we burn throughout the day. Our body constantly burns calories to keep us going whether we are eating, sleeping, cleaning etc.
Once the daily business of breathing, eating, moving and other activities is met, any unused or surplus calories get stored, mostly in the form of fat. This means that if you take in more calories than you use, you will gain weight.

People with a lower percentage of body fat (i.e. muscular) have a higher metabolism than others that are less muscular because muscle uses more calories to maintain itself than fat.
Some people have a slower metabolic rate and have a harder time staying slim. A slow metabolism actually causes to store fat. The slower the metabolic rate, the greater the weight gains. 

Ok, enough for the metabolism rate…lets focus back to my desire…hehe…. Right now my body weight is >40<45 kg…(you guess on your own). I wish I could achieve 50++kg and above!! OMG, if I achieve it, I will be the happiest person in WORLD! Hahaha…(hyperbola)... I wish I could be as normal peoples who have normal body weight… Sometimes its might be uncomfortable when people around me judge my physical….Please don’t say it anymore…its hurt me! (just kidding dear =P) .Do you want to know if I could achieve 50kg, somebody wants to give me 50 ringgit notes...owh money2, its blink2 in front of my eyes....ngeeeee~ =p

So you guys and girls, do you want to help me to gain my body weight….Please2 help me…heheh… Please drop your comment in this post if you have any idea… By the way, among us, I’m the only one who have this desire. The others two not join me…They are vice verse to me,want to loss body weight.. So,guess who I am~ 
Till meet again..

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Welcome The sun...We are Waiting For YOU~~~~

FINALLY... after all this time, the sun appeared after several days of rain is not stopping. Thank to the God of Most Merciful..

Several days of rain caused the aviary; many residential areas were affected by floods such as Segamat, Labis, Kluang (Johor), Pahang and many more. At the certain areas,
Residents had moved into some areas safe from flooding such as school and public hall. Many main roads are closed due to flooding and it causes the congestion and traffic problems. As the solution,all the transports and vehicles are not allowed to be on the road. Residents had many losses from the financial aspect, property, livestock, etc... 
We are as grateful to our Lord as our family is not involved in this natural disaster. For those family who get caught in this situation, we feel sorry for you. Be patient on what had happened. All that happened there will be wisdom. In addition, right now all IPT’s student having CNY Holiday. So to my entire friend, save home journey. Having fun with your holiday. For those who did not come back home because were caught in flood, don’t be sad. Maybe after the rain and flood is subsided, you can back home safely. Hopefully, everything will back as normal in while…See later...

..::My eDuCaTioNaL aSpiRaTioN For 2011..Hope+Effort=Goal!!!::...

Now, its already 2011...Oh my Goodness...How time flies without we relieved right~ 
As time goes around, I’m sure all of us have been done much things either its bring us happiness or sadness in our life especially we as a student.. 

                      ~ WELCOME 2011 ~
       The truth is all the peoples in this world want to become successful in their life based on their aspiration…Everyone must have their own dreaming and targeting towards their future.. But there are two possibilities which either they achieve their target or just let it goes by time… Fulfilling those aspirations require that students have good information about how to achieve their goals and a plan of action that is aligned with those goals. High aspirations result from a mix of optimism about the future, success in meeting goals, resilience in dealing with setbacks, and exposure to the tremendous opportunities that await young people.

All this are in our hands. We are who we are and we are what we do!!

Since its already 2011, We (weeda,shida & ucuaja) also have an Aspiration On Education toward fulfills our future. And we want to share it with all of you. InshaAllah with God permission, we want to struggle for our aspirations consistently and confidently to achieved the goals~

                                 Dream + Effort = Goal 

   Forget the FAILURE on pass…Wake Up from dreaming...

        If we just sit and doing nothing after our failure, the same things might go to happen over and over again…It’s a fact. The law of nature: ”Success people start with the failure”. We should take is as a challenge to our selves by improving our quality of study. Learn from the mistake is better than see the mistake… Those who fail to prepare, are preparing to fail…

~Good Time Management..

      Success people usually have a good quality on time management with the help of self-disciplines. If we benefits our 24 hours wisely, there will be no excuse on not doing our work because of time factor.


~ Study Smart NOT Study Hard…

      Different peoples have their on skills and styles while studying. Some student can study along with the music, some with eating, some with silences situation and many more.. No matter what types you are, make sure we fill the self-study time efficiently and we get the positive feed back on what we are study…Its does not mean anything if we spend one day on facing the book but we didn’t get the values.. This called study smart not study hard~

~ Maintain >3.00 for every Semester

     We (us) are ordinary students, not too clever like others but we will try to performs the best for extra ordinary efforts to become the best among the best… Nothing is impossible in this world, either we want for it or just left it… If other people can get it, why don’t WE??

    Pray and Let the Rest To God Hand…

     As a Muslim, We have our own faith toward the Lord. Supposedly, everything we do must base toward our The Most Merciful as seeking for His blessed. Same goes to the study, after we have been struggle and fight for it, don’t ever forget to raise your hand and make du’a as our Prophet told us…Always stick in our mind that the successful and failure of something might happen toward anybody with the God’s permission.. Don’t ever “left” our God behind if we want to be a successful Muslim in world and here after.. 

 Hopefully, all of you get some benefits and ideas on study management from the tips that we had shared above.... =) Till  meet again~

..::If I Could RULE the WORLD::....

The time has really come.

Here I stand proudly in front of people. Give a talk here; give a talk there for the coming election. Being an iron lady, have a title the first prime minister of American State never crossed in my mind.

Well, here it is. This is not sweet-tooth promises that I give just to take attention of American State citizen to vote for me.  I really meant it.
The responsible is on my shoulder. This is the challenge. I spend a whole childhood moment just to wait for the time comes, to rule the world.
I want to be women with big hearts.  I want to give justice for women that have sex abuse, child abuse and that kind of hate-abuse.  I want to give them protection, a place that they really can called as home. I will build a home for single mother and orphan.  Well, I just don’t want what happened to my best friend in past year, that taught her what is life actually is repeated by other person. She has difficult time to survive in her life.  This is the chance, I lead the world.  I want to be a superwoman that save and help other woman. Man? Well, I have to be am bias isn’t it? The passion of guys is about sports, and yes, speeds too.  I will build the biggest stadium for FIFA world cup to be held. It will generate our economy too instead of being fun. The stadium will be completed with sophisticated things. Another thing, I will build a great F1 tracks.
For the children, I will give them enough educational knowledge. For youth that want to continue study, I will give them a scholarship. They need to complete their study. I don’t want economy problem being a major problem why they don’t want to study. This generation will lead the world later; we need to encourage them to face the world. I believe that knowledge is the only thing that can bring us front of other. Facilities for all schools and universities have to complete. Nothing misses. This is because to give them comfortable environment for their study.
Family first. I being trained for give a priority for family since I was small. Everything we do, must have a ‘redha’ from God, and sure from the parents and family. As I am being a prime minister, I will not forget about my family scarification to me. I will bring them to Makkah. I will build a big house and buy a car for them. This is one of the ways to pay their hard work for me.
Lastly, I want to change the American ways of governance. Too liberal will cause problem in this country. I want to change it to democratic, respect to each other’s opinion. I don’t want this country will attack another country anymore such as Afghanistan. We give them free as birds as we are. The world are looking at us American, we should give them the best example that they will never have from others.

And wait, that was if I could rule the world -_____-“  yes peeps, I’m not rule it yet. HAHA, cheers mate :)

hahahah...its just a dream only~

lots of love, 
.weeda, cda, jaja.