Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Good middle morning everybody.
before we move on, let take a look on our traffic. woot woot they are visitor from overseas! *proud face. thanks dude for visiting. do visit us next time, hoyeahh. ~ sorry for the broken english usage.

i choose this topic because.. err because.. i choose la. no specific answer. let see 'siapa yang kena'.

The answer of this post is Nabihah Yunus. *please clap hands.

i know her since our orientation week. she's been my groupie. one day of the orientation week, she's not showed up in one of our activity. our sister facilitator worried and lastly found her in room. aiyaaa.

Biha biha. i always say this to her.

she's cute, sometimes. her attitude we can never be explain why. sometime she can be like "gila-gila" and sometime i was wondering "why so serious?"  she even dont know what she's doing. so i labelled her as weird-cute creatures of God.

apology me, this post should NOT (never, ever!) write anything remotely bad about the person. Remember, be nice. This isn't a trashing blog. 

sorry madam - dead meat, biha is madam's niece -.-

Forget about people who talk behind you Biha, lets proceed. Biha is an excellent student in class. she's perform well in some subject need calculation such as Math. give any question about math, she will digest the question like peanut. Im not the math-person, so i respect her for this.

err, maybe i should conclude she's intelligent as she got the 2nd highest carry mark in our Biology subject? she mastering both memorising and math skill. how im jealous with that. *kills me inside

Even Biha dont know how to do something, but she like to try and she wont give up. she have high determination that not showed to everybody. High motivation for herself. Focus well.

She like to read those detective novel, that need their readers to think about the solutions. for me, no way! i will read half of book and fall asleep and hope for dream of the solution. This differs me with Biha. Biha have innovative thinking. She tried to think about who is the murderer, why he do this, bla bla blaaaa...

and the best part of her, she never care what people think, or said hardly about her. she have her own life to be care. not like you haters, do care about others while yourself are not well-organised. euww, i hate you haters. go and find your own life baby.

so that's is. simple post for her, for completing our task :) hoyeahhh. complete blog :DD *chicken dance

till meet you soon. if the account not be deactivate, teheeee ;3

p/s: Biha, come on, treat us and dont be 'kedekut' anymore. tired already of promoting you in this blog :p

ucuaja,weeda,cda & BIHA...=)