Sunday, February 13, 2011

A great THANKFUL to The Almighty

why i am not handsome as he is?

Why this is not my house?
why i never eat these types of super delicious foods? 

It’s really normal for us to ask why this and why that, question this and that and all. Not being grateful for who we are or for what we already have. It’s typical right? But at times it’s fair to say that we always compare ourselves to those who are much better than us in terms of looks, moneys, intelligence and etc.

why not for at least once, we compare ourselves to those like the ones in the pictures BELOW and not above okay ^^


At times, I admit that those who can afford to buy RM20k worth of bags, pairs of Jimmy Choo are insanely rich! I came across this one royal family. He has like 25 billion and spend like 1.5 millions per day. Hey dude, do you buy Lamborghini everyday huh?

Take in your breath :8x …………………………………3 2 1 out :O

but its okay,
As for me i have:

1) Super awesome parents who love me dearly
2) 7 concern siblings who at times, annoy me but they are still the apples of my eyes :P
3) 6 favourite super hyper naughty nieces
4) ehem ehemmm :)
5) family, girlfriends, boyfriends, bff, people next door, cats, chickens kur3~
6) it’s an endless list, you know

so there’s always ups and downs in life. In easy words, just enjoy the life.

it’s okay if you are not RICH but GENIUS
it’s okay if you are not GENIUS but GOOD LOOKING
it’s okay if you are not GOOD LOOKING but just be GRATEFUL :)

God is Almighty

But i am not saying that u have or must feel complacent. 
and do nothing to improve yourself, this is a big no no ><
i guess you just have to figure it out by yourself

p/s : if u were asked this question, what will you answer then?

Which one you want to choose, live happily, moderately or hardly?

Perfect is boring, human is beautiful.” -Tyra Banks


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