Thursday, March 10, 2011

..::The Power of "Al-Fatihah"::...

Hello and Assalamualaikum everyone…have a happy blessing Saiyidul Ay-Yam…

Emm….a few minutes ago, while I’m compiling and arrange my box that full with my books including note books… then I’ve opened it one by one, to see what is inside all this small note books, whether it is important or not.. if not, I want to throw it away because there is a another lot of books that I need to be pack in this box….=p heeeeeeeee….
Fortunately, in many notes also known as “nota kaki”, I found this one…I wrote this note when I’m in form 5, 4 years ago…Imaging, I still keep all my “buku nota kecik2” because I like to collect it…hahahahahaah…. What a weird hobby right…and if I’m not mistaken, I wrote this note during kuliah maghrib at female musolla, at aspuri (asrama puteri).....heheh…really miss the moment in SMKAS  (T___T)  huhuhu… and friends, I think this note is really benefit and give advantages to all of my friends as all of you are MUSLIM…..Here, take a look in my past past past year “nota kaki”  =)
Have you ever heard “Al-Fatihah”… I’m sure all of you known what is “Al-fatihah” right, because we read it 5x a day during performing our prayer…. So today, I want to share with you about the powerfull of “AL-FATIHAH”…let’s take a look and try to practice it in the time you need it dear =)
..:: The Power of Al-Fatihah::..

1. To make someone (YOUR Husband, your children) think of you all the time:
Read the Al-Fatihah 14 times before going to sleep.
2. For terminal diseases:
Read the Al-Fatihah 41 times and blow it in the water. Drink and take a bath with that water.

3. For the mentally ill:
Read the Al-Fatihah 7 times while rubbing the person's head o¬nce in the morning and o¬nce at night, everyday without fail.

4. When in extreme pain:
Read the Al-Fatihah 3 times and blow it in a glass of water and drink it. Then, read the Al-Fatihah while rubbing the area that is in pain

5. For babies who cry at night or at any time:
Read the Al-Fatihah 7 times while rubbing the baby's head.

6. For injury : ex: Cut, Bee sting, Bleeding, Finger got slammed by the door
Read the Al-Fatihah 3 or 7 times, using your thumb, take your saliva from the "langit-langit" of your mouth and rub it o¬nto the injured area.

All of the above INSYAALLAH will work with several conditions:
Believe that the Al-Fatihah is the best "penawar" for everything
Read it with full "khusyuk"
Tawakal to Allah
Use it with GOOD "niat" /intentions.

Till meet again in next post….have a bless Friday, make it as a benefit Friday…Grab all the reward that our God “offered” to us…..Wassalam….Happy weekend holiday………ucuaja~

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